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Charge! Tokushima Central Wholesale Market Longed-for early morning market Fruits and vegetables


It's still pitch black

I ran out of the house at 5 am when it was so cold that the windshield of the car was slamming.

The destination is

Tokushima Central Wholesale Market

You see,

There are scenes where uncles who are lively and lively on TV are bidding for fish and selling fresh fish and other things side by side, right?

Even so, I've been secretly longing for it since I was a kid. ( Actually, the type I wanted to go to Tsukiji )

So, I remembered the Tokushima Central Wholesale Market, which I visited for business a few years ago, and enthusiastically said, "Yeah, I went."

There was a person like a guard at the entrance,

Atmosphere that is difficult to enter. Persecutory delusion of the air like "Aoni Production isn't in the air, Ola"

I rushed in while rattling. (* It is natural, but in reality nothing is said )

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