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[Climbing start] Tokushima Daisuke's Yamainudake Challenge 2 [Moss can be seen ...]


Synopsis up to the last time

Last time, I left home after 3 am and arrived at the first destination "Yamainudake Parking Lot" at 5 am. When I started walking, an unexpected happening occurred at the "coming soon". Still, as I walked forward, I finally arrived at the trailhead. However, I was terrified by the disturbing air like "I can't put it in, right?" What will happen to me!

Ami, open it up.

It was good! !! !!

There was a similar thing at the waterfall of Tashikaka. But does this mean that you can also encounter wild animals? Let's tighten our minds.

This is how my Yamainudake mountain climbing began.

Gachi play with the mountain after a long absence. If you keep in mind, it's really dangerous lol

It's fun to play with nature such as the sea and rivers, not just mountains, but they always play seriously. If you can't play with it for your life, you won't come back. It's a play, but always serious. Alright, start!

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