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[Happening] Tokushima Daisuke's Yamainudake Challenge 1 [Distant and distant trailhead]


It is a story of going to "Yamainudake" in Kamikatsu-cho, a famous place where many Tokushima residents do not know.

You can enjoy the wonderful scenery of moss, and it seems to be a spot that "is like the world of Princess Mononoke!"

Actually, this year, just before the request for self-restraint came out, I went to the nearby area once asking "Would you like to go?", But I couldn't reach it during the construction to fix the landslide.

So, this time, I'm heading to Kamikatsu-cho to fulfill that revenge.

August 15th. Get up at 3 am

I got dressed in 15 minutes and left the house.

When I looked up at the sky before getting into the car, the starry sky was shining, and it seemed as if he was celebrating his adventure after a long absence. (But I couldn't shoot beautifully with the cameras I have, so I burned it into my eyes.)

Along the way, I filled up the gasoline and drove to the first destination, "Yamainudake Parking Lot" . In fact, Yamainudake has a parking lot for climbers, and there is a rule to park there.


Apparently, you have to walk a little slope for about 2km from "Yamainudake Parking Lot" to "Yamainudake Trailhead" ....

I was holding the steering wheel while deciding that I was going to do my best today.

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