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[The highest peak in Tokushima Prefecture] Tokushima Brothers' autumn leaves hunting in Tsurugisan Last [Desperate at the chain]


Fear of climbing and fear of descending

I took a deep breath about twice and calmed down.

What is claustrophobia. I'm afraid of heights. Not when you say that in the mountains. If I don't overcome it right now, I'll have to stay here for the rest of my life.

I'm not kidding.

When I thought about it, I immediately settled down lol

As I climbed slowly and slowly, I eventually reached the top. For the time being, I waved my hand while saying "It's really expensive" to Mar who waits below.

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By the way, what happens to the top of the chain is like this.

e? Can't you see it well?

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Actually, I don't know what kind of safety was devised, but to me it seemed that the big rock was hooked on the big rock .

I sighed a lot.

Umm. I feel scared when I get off ... lol

Take more time than climbing, and go down while searching for points where you can put your feet as much as possible. On the way, I lost my balance and my body and Krun turned half a turn, but I calmly dealt with it.

Thanks to the grip of 100-level gloves, I didn't have to worry about slipping due to sweat.

He got off inwardly, but Marr said he thought, "This guy isn't bullish." Don't be stupid. I don't think it's bull. I was crazy.

Anyway, I survived safely.

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