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[The highest peak in Tokushima Prefecture] Tokushima Brothers' autumn leaves hunting in Tsurugisan Part 1 [Mountain play]


※Kenzan=Tsurugi mountain

this time I had the opportunity to seriously go crazy for the first time in two months, so I decided to go to Mt. Tsurugi to see the autumn leaves . I went while thinking, "Let's stretch our body while hunting for autumn leaves and play as hard as we can to get injured. Take my younger brother with me." This time, such a story ---.

Arrive at Tsurugi Lift Platform

I was terrified for a moment when I learned the information that I got from the Tokushima Shimbun in advance, such as "If you go from the Anabuki route to Mt. However, after careful examination, I found that the route I always use is "the route from Sadamitsu to Mt. Tsurugi ", so I'm relieved.

For the time being, I put my younger brother Mar in the passenger seat and left at 6 am.

While talking to Tekito and detouring to Tekito, I arrived at the Kenzan lift platform (Minokoshi). It was about 8:30 am.

As a matter of course, I will use the lift again this time . After all, there is a blank for adventure lol

However, on weekdays, unlike holidays, you can only take the lift from 9 am . So, I decided to wander around for another 30 minutes, take a test shot, and kill time while adjusting the pen thickness. ( * Penta is the nickname of my PENTAX K-5 )

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