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[The highest peak in Tokushima Prefecture] Tokushima Brothers' autumn leaves hunting in Tsurugisan Part 2 [Fog x Autumn leaves]


Exploring Mt. Tsurugi is just right for adventure rehabilitation.

If you enjoy the autumn leaves slowly and leisurely, it will not be a pain. This is because Mt. Tsurugi is a gentle mountain that even beginners can easily climb. However, be careful. Even if it is easy to climb, do not forget the risk of serious injury.

There are also relatively difficult routes, which can literally be life-threatening. Let's not underestimate Yume Yumeyama.

I don't know if it's the taste of autumn, but I found a big mushroom anyway.

As I walk in the mountains, I often see various types of mushrooms. This time it's a pretty big guy, just like a plate. I think I can ride about 12 dumplings.

It's a little wet in the rain and there's no sunshine, but I don't think this is bad. Wet autumn leaves look sensual. Isn't it tasteful?

I release the shutter of Penta while getting soaked. Ma was also happy to take pictures to try out the new lens he had just bought.

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