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[The highest peak in Tokushima Prefecture] Tokushima Brothers' autumn leaves hunting in Tsurugisan Part 4 [A long-sought chain? ]


Do you know?

Wet fallen leaves, wet rocks and cheap trekking shoes are hopelessly incompatible. And that danger.

As I mentioned before, my favorite athletic shoes were completely damaged during my adventure to Yamainudake, but I'd like to wear cheap trekking shoes that I got in a hurry to make it in time for this play at Mt. Tsurugi. It was.

It was useful for waterproofing and shock absorption, but the grip on the sole of the shoe didn't work at all, and Shioume slipped smoothly.

It is very dangerous to challenge the mountain with such shoes, but there is no choice but to come. In such a case, you can deal with it to some extent by sharpening the feeling of the soles of your feet, paying attention to how you put your weight, and carefully observing your feet while paying attention to your core.

You who are thinking of going on an adventure, playing in the mountains. Only shoes shouldn't be stingy .

Aside from that, both I and my younger brother Mar were sliding their feet and heading toward the third destination, chilling their hearts several times, saying "Yeah!".

By the way, our third purpose is

It was a "chain field" on the course that I couldn't reach even once in the three Kenzan challenges .

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