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Tokushima citizens see the raw Awa Odori cancer for the first time in 16 or 7 years in Minamiuchimachi Theater


Today is the first Awa Odori in 16 or 7 years .

Take a rest in the morning and board the train in a state of good health.

Yes, there is a high possibility that a parking lot will not be found during the Awa Odori season.

So get on the train . To the train. (There are no trains running in Tokushima. There are trains that look like trains.)

Arrived at Tokushima station with a little extra time .

It seems that the whole town, or the whole prefecture, is floating.

Aim for Minamiuchimachi Theater

The Awa Odori is divided into 1 part (18:00 to 20:00) and 2 parts (20:30 to) , and I watch the first part. And the ticket I bought is on the river side of the Minamiuchimachi Theater .

However, I still have about an hour and a half. (Entering the venue of the Minamiuchimachi Theater from 17:30)

For the time being, while heading to the Minamiuchimachi performance hall, explore the area around.

Surprisingly, there are also stores. I wonder if it's possible to have dinner at Tekito.

Yakisoba for 500 yen and

Get hungry with draft beer for 500 yen.

While doing so, time was approaching.

Sit in the designated seat and take out the camera.

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