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Uramino Falls

I learned that there is a spot where you can see the waterfall from the back.

I wanted to see the Uramino Falls, and when I continued to Katsuura, I ran a rattling car in the mountains.

Departure is 5:30 in the morning.

It was still pitch black, but the car was running unexpectedly. It was good because it wasn't crowded and I wasn't lonely.

The destination is Hoshi no Iwaya , Hoshi no Iwaya . ( There is Uramino Falls on the temple grounds! )

Shokoku-ji is a temple where Kobo Daishi sealed the evil star (who brings disaster?)

The mountain road rattles while sticking the rice balls ( Gome Inari ) that I bought at the convenience store . (If you drive a long distance by car, you will burn a lot of calories and lose 1 or 2 kg, so refueling is essential)

Take a break at a nice spot on the way.

A huge ginkgo tree. The rock at the root is also a picture. It was very spacious and I was able to run around as much as I wanted. Be careful not to step on the ginkgo. The car is filled with a ridiculous smell.

The view from there is not bad either.

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