English Tokushima 未分類

[With a man loved by the mountains] Yamainudake Challenge 3 of Tokushima Daisuke [The mountain god met ~]


I'm walking down the mossy road.

While catching on the spider's web many times along the way, swinging the stick, sometimes shooting with GoPro, drinking Aquarius.

I'm sweating around 6am. The temperature shouldn't have reached 30 degrees Celsius yet, but I can't stop sweating.

As I proceeded while wiping my sweat with a towel around my neck, I found a face-down sign again. I ran up again this time and went around ...

It's a mountain god.

Actually, this is also a point I was interested in after checking in advance.

I just saw the word "Mountain God" on the map and came without knowing what was going on. Is there a shrine or a stone Buddha?

Now, meet the person loved by the self-proclaimed mountain and the mountain god!

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