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I went to Naruto, a favorite of Tokushima residents, to eat seafood and see the whirlpools.


If you want to enjoy the whirlpools quickly, Escahiru Naruto might be a good choice.

Escahill Naruto.

There, you can ride the unnecessarily long escalator, cross the Onaruto Bridge on the "Whirlpool Way" and look out over the ocean, and there is also an observation deck.

The only problem is that the parking fee is 500 yen. I often see this in word-of-mouth articles, but I'm serious.

First, tickets at Escalhir Naruto.
I paid 1,200 yen for a ticket that would take me to the "unnecessarily long escalator," the "vortex path," and the "Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall Eddie. I took the escalator right away, but I regretted it immediately.

I actually have the yips on the stairs going up, for reasons unknown, and I'm scared as hell. I feel as if my center of gravity is being pulled backward, and I start sweating funny. But the descent is not so scary.

The observatory after enduring the fear.
You can see this kind of scenery.

I was so scared that I forgot to take a picture of the escalator. Because I was scared.

Hot and scared and sweaty, the next stop was the Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall Eddie. Various things related to the Naruto whirlpool and Naruto are on display.

Suddenly there was a 360-degree monitor showing a video of an old lady doing the dusting all the time. It was a little scary, so I left.
This was a 4K360° theater. I heard that the Awa Odori dance is performed with great power depending on the time of day.

Also, isn't this amazing?

It was a very dark room, but when I touched the wall, the light reacted to create beautiful patterns and waves.

I found out later that it was called "Play the Eddy.

Just don't interrupt the children's fun and leave immediately.

There's also an observation deck on top of Eddie's.

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