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I went to Naruto, a favorite of Tokushima residents, to eat seafood and see the whirlpools.


The panoramic observation deck is charmed by a mysterious disk. But there were so many people there that we quickly left. I am impatient. I am an impatient old man.

Now, the next stop is the vortex path you have been waiting for. You will walk 45 meters directly above the sea.

At the entrance, there is this. It says when is the best time to see the whirlpools, when to eat, and when to laugh. At this time, it was about 10:50.

On the way, it was narrow because of construction, like one lane on each side. Then, there is this fun floor on the way.

See, it's like standing on the sea. And the grid of wires makes you imagine "just in case", which is quite thrilling.

The path of the whirlpool is 450 meters long. It is a rather long distance and quite a walk. But it is cool because it is right above the sea. The sea breeze was blowing.
However, it was not a good time to see a big and beautiful whirlpool.

Well, let's go next!
Next, I went to take the "Uzushio Tidal Boat," but it was full, and when I learned that "the next service was also full," I left. As expected, I couldn't wait an hour for local sightseeing.

By the way, the Uzushio sightseeing tidal boat actually lets you get close to the whirlpools on the boat. I've never been on one before, so I was looking forward to it, but what the heck!
There are other companies, but you have to go back the way you came. There is no "backtracking" in the dictionary of an impatient uncle.

I changed my mind.
I changed my mind and started the car. My next destination was Kamiita-cho. The reason for this was simply because it was on the way, but I decided to have a fun experience there.

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An interesting sight can be seen in Naruto.
You see, it goes like this.

It can be seen from the parking lot of 7-Eleven.

Also, I found it on the way back to the Bimbi house.

Who hung the futon out to dry here!
(I don't think there was a house nearby.)

These are just a few of the extras.

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