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A story about enjoying Mt. Kenzan, the second highest sacred mountain in western Japan, alone.


Tokushima is home to Mount Tsurugi, the second highest mountain in western Japan.
It is said to be known as a place where Solomon's hidden treasure may be hidden, where Christ may have hidden, where there is a power spot to break off bad relationships and bring good ones together, and where there is delicious spring water.

He went there with his family when he was in elementary school, but remembers little about it.

I started thinking, "Maybe I should go to Kenzan." I saw a feature on Mt. Kenzan on a local TV program in Tokushima, so I decided, "Okay, let's go! I decided to go.

Half-anxious, half-excited mountain play

At any rate, I spent the night before with a new backpack and jacket (long sleeves), and reading a mountaineering manga to lift my spirits.

On the day of the tour (August 4), we left at 6:00 a.m. under clear skies for Mt. First of all, we had to go to the "lift to Mt.

It took about two hours from home. Driving down a mountain road, we arrived at the lift station. But there was plenty of room on the roof of the multi-story parking garage, so we managed to park there. By the way, the parking lot is free of charge.

So, I got out of the car and went to the lift station fully equipped. I bought a ticket at the reception desk and boarded the lift. Due to the structure of the lift, you should carry your backpack on your back, not on your back. (Tickets are 1860 yen round trip)

From there we were suspended in midair for a while, about 15 minutes, and then we were carried up to about 1700 meters, which was quite scary. It's okay on the way there, though, because you don't really know how high you are.

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