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[Naruto City] First Time to Otsukai - Kiln Mori Toki - Part 2 [Otani Ware]


buried earthen jar that makes sound when water drips into it (garden feature)

The inside is like a cave, lined with benches and other items that look like something you might sit on.

Hmm? There is something written on it. What is it? …….

How to listen to the suikinkutsu, sit back, close your eyes, and focus your nerves on your ears.

It says.

By the way, what is a suikinkutsu? ……

It is one of the decorative features of a Japanese garden, and functions to dispose of wastewater from a water bowl by causing water droplets to fall into a hollow created in the ground near the bowl and reverberating the sounds made when the droplets do so. The origin of the name "suikinkutsu" is unknown.

WikipediaExcerpt from Suikinkutsu

As it was written, I sat down on a bench and closed my eyes. Then I heard a small but often pleasant sound like "phosphorus …… phosphorus ……".

Incidentally, the inside of this suikinkutsu is like a ceramic bowl, and the feeling to the touch is very similar to that of the ceramic bowls sold in the market. In other words, it was as if you were experiencing a simulated experience of rice served in a huge ceramic bowl.

After enjoying a little coolness with the soothing sounds, we went outside again to explore.

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