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[This time] Tokushima Daisuke's Yamainudake Challenge Final [Princess Mononoke's World View]

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima

Is it the 5th article if you notice it? I pulled it a lot, Yamainudake article. On the downhill ...

[And to the summit] Tokushima Daisuke's Yamainudake Challenge 4 [Climb the rock with a chain]

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima

Slip between trees, Sliding between rocks, Continue to climb earnestly. It's hard to see the route w ...

[With a man loved by the mountains] Yamainudake Challenge 3 of Tokushima Daisuke [The mountain god met ~]

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima, 未分類

I'm walking down the mossy road. While catching on the spider's web many times along the way, swingi ...

[Climbing start] Tokushima Daisuke's Yamainudake Challenge 2 [Moss can be seen ...]

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima

Synopsis up to the last time Last time, I left home after 3 am and arrived at the first destination ...

[Happening] Tokushima Daisuke's Yamainudake Challenge 1 [Distant and distant trailhead]

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima

It is a story of going to "Yamainudake" in Kamikatsu-cho, a famous place wh ...

Tokushima Sightseeing Hoshi no Iwaya Tour Hoshi no Iwaya Temple, Uramino Falls, Butsudaseki, and Wild Deer

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima

Uramino Falls I learned that there is a spot where you can see the waterfall from the back. I wanted ...

[Pirate roots? Na Sake Brewery] A story I visited at the head family Matsuura Sake Brewery [Naruto City]

2020/12/31   -English, Tokushima

I went to see Matsuura Sake Brewery. Mr. Wakabayashi, who was in charge of it, explained it in a ver ...

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