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[Iya's specialty] A story about "dekomawashi" & "grilled sweetfish with salt" [with cats]

2021/01/06   -Tokushima

I would like to see the fish on skewers and the sardines roasted in a hearth-lik ...

[Yoshinogawa City] Journey to explore the area around the ruins of Kamisakura Castle Summer grass and soldiers dream of GoPro [Historic sites]

2021/01/05   -Tokushima

In order to be careful of the coronavirus, I thought that what I should do was "thoroughly avoid the ...

[Cat cat] I remembered that the mystery "Cat gathering technique" exploded on a certain beach [Inadvertently]

2021/01/04   -Tokushima

Speaking of my special abilities, "Overwhelming Haruo" and "People who are loved by the mountai ...

[Kamikatsu Town] the green rice terraces in Kashihara [rice fields in the mountains]

2021/01/03   -Tokushima

Kashihara Rice Terraces "Yamainudake" which was made into a series until a while ago . You have to w ...

[Strange victory] I went to Ebisu-dong, a huge natural hole! Part 2 [Minami Town]

2021/01/02   -Tokushima

The road to Ebisu-dong was a down staircase, but if you go further than that, an up staircase will c ...

[Strange victory] I went to Ebisu-dong, a huge natural hole! Part 1 [Minami Town]

2021/01/01   -Tokushima

The end of October. At 5:30 am, I boarded my car "Iron Coffin No. 3" and ran out of the house w ...

[What do you call I'll be back in Awa dialect? ] I tried to translate the Awa dialect into English Tokushima dialect

2020/12/31   -Tokushima

Hi, I'm Daisuke Tokushima, a self-proclaimed Awa dialect instructor.This time, I will try to tr ...

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