[Strange victory] I went to Ebisu-dong, a huge natural hole! Part 2 [Minami Town]


The road to Ebisu-dong was a down staircase, but if you go further than that, an up staircase will continue. This is sober.

"But it wouldn't be a big deal to have only one, after all, I was a man who played at Mt. Tsurugi last week and climbed up and down the chain and trained," he said. It made me want to make myself bumpy about 20 minutes ago.

A stick that goes through my head

Although it was a well-maintained staircase, it had a steep angle and many steps, and it was equipped with a mask, which made it difficult to breathe. It wasn't long before I was in a hypoxic training state.

Maybe I've run out of oxygen. I didn't take any pictures of the upstairs that made me wonder.

Instead, from the parking lot to Ebisu-dong, then the stairs. And, the feeling up to that point is retaken in the video, so please watch it if you like. (I took about 2 laps to take a video)

But when I tried my best, I was waiting for a reward.

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