[What do you call I'll be back in Awa dialect? ] I tried to translate the Awa dialect into English Tokushima dialect


Hi, I'm Daisuke Tokushima, a self-proclaimed Awa dialect instructor.
This time, I will try to translate the dialect of Tokushima prefecture "Awaben" into English.

Tokushima dialect

The aim is to spread the Awa dialect all over the world and finally have people like Justin Bieber and Kanye West mutter.

Justin Bieber can't do it, but Kanye West doesn't think it's impossible.

Because Kanye West came to Tokushima prefecture with an interest in indigo dyeing. That's why I don't think it's an impossible story.

Somniloquy so far, let's get into the main subject (* ´∀ ` *)

don't be shy, repeat after me.

"Make Make Ippai"

As the overflow from the vessel refers to a lot of liquid
→ So Much That It Overflows

I will proceed like this.

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