Born in Tokushima and raised in Tokushima, I enjoy sightseeing in Tokushima alone Naruto Roadside Station Ninth Village Edition


I decided to play hard after a long time, so I left home in my car after 8 am.

However, it is completely no plan. I jumped out without thinking about anything.

For the time being, let's have breakfast at Naruto Road Station.

Naruto Road Station "Dai 9 no Sato" has a deep connection with Germany, so you can eat delicious German beer and German sausages.

Since my first visit six years ago, I have loved the roadside station, Ninth Village. About 25 km from the house. It takes about 40 minutes by car.

I arrived at just 9 o'clock. I casually passed in front of the store, but it wasn't open yet. A closer look reveals that the roadside station itself is open from 9am, but the edible corner is from 9:30. I got a lottery ticket right away, but I couldn't help it, so I walked around and searched.

Take a picture of the nearby German Pavilion. It's a pretty big building.

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the "9th" symphony, all movement performance, Asian premiere. By the way, I think I did it on local news a few days ago.

Looking back from the German Pavilion, you can see a statue of interest. Beethoven.

Apparently a wild monkey pops out. Be careful not to attack women or children.

There is no place to hang around for 30 minutes, so try boarding the shop at the roadside station. There are many processed foods that look delicious, such as locally grown vegetables and fruits. The secret German beer is also available. (Of course I will drive so take it home)

I was born in Tokushima and raised in Tokushima, but I don't know anything like a local specialty. By the way, when I showed my friends in Osaka, I was the most excited.

For the time being, I bought various souvenirs and went to the car once. It's only 5 minutes until the rice corner opens, so I'll drink the "Kamiyama Sudachi Cider" I just bought. to drink. to drink.

It gets cold and cool. It's criminal and devilish.

While I was impressed by the cold cider, I reached 9:30. I couldn't stand or stay, so I casually passed by the shop again. …… But for some reason it's a closed sign. There is a sign of people inside the store, but is it difficult to prepare? I couldn't help waiting, so I decided to look around the German Pavilion, which will also open at 9:30.

It seems that photography is prohibited inside the building, so there are no photos. However, it was interesting because there were a lot of very valuable materials on display. In addition, to commemorate the 100th anniversary, the ticket is half price 250 yen (a ticket that can be put in the neighboring Kagawa Toyohiko Memorial Hall) and is lucky. I was very happy to look around while jumping and stamping the stamp near the exit.

Hot dog + Naruchu udon

I casually passed in front of the shop. The signboard has been switched to open! Entering the store while jumping again. There is no one but me yet. Look at the menu in a relaxed mood. It is a must for "hot dogs" that have been confirmed while moving. But that's not enough. I ordered "Naruchu Udon" that I noticed there.

Naruchuru Udon is a hassle to explain, so it's quick. Flat noodles (udon) like Donbei!

5 minutes to wait. "Udon was completed first ~"

Thankfully, I received Naruchu Udon and went to the table. What do you want to eat for the first time?

In the store where there is no one other than the clerk and me, I sip and sip Naruchuru udon. Yeah, hey!

Thank you for the meal!

Well, the hot dog decided to take out and return to the car.

It's fluffy in my hands. Freshly made hot dog. It's definitely delicious if you eat it now. .. .. But if you eat it now, it will become a bun. .. ..

Although I went around a lot, I lost to the devil's whisper (whispering my heart) that "freshly made food is the best" and eventually ate at the parking lot.


I did it. .. .. When I dropped it, the shirt was covered with ketchup. ….

I was always depressed, but just before I went out, I was preparing to change my clothes, saying, "It will be hot today, so let's wear a T-shirt just in case." This was an unusual preparation and a miraculous event. Anyway, a little over an hour ago I was saved on a whim.

By the way, I managed to get it done, changed my clothes in the car and ran boldly.

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