[Kamikatsu Town] the green rice terraces in Kashihara [rice fields in the mountains]


Kashihara Rice Terraces

"Yamainudake" which was made into a series until a while ago . You have to walk 2 km from the parking lot to the trailhead of Yamainudake. The story is probably written at the beginning of the Yamainudake article.

In fact, there
are spots along the two-kilometer road that offer great views.

That is "Kashihara Rice Terraces" .

Rice terraces are like the following rice fields in terraced fields.

Right? It ’s amazing.
I was able to take a picture that could be used in a pamphlet lol Honestly, if you come here on a sunny day and release the shutter, anyone can take a nice picture. Because the location is excellent (* ´∀ ` *)

Insanely sunny.
Insanely rice is growing and it is
insanely beautiful.

It in, actually when you try to Koyo last time, closed to traffic at the destination just before I was a mortifying thought become useless in or something ....

If you think about it carefully,
that time is still before rice planting. In other words, if you could come without any problems at that time, you wouldn't have experienced the first impact like this time, right?

In other words, as a result, I'm glad I didn't come halfway at that time.

Kashihara Rice Terraces at 5 o'clock in the early morning

So, if you want to see the beautiful rice terraces, I wonder if summer is good. (I just heard from the locals that Yamainudake has a good time to see the autumn leaves, but lol)

Since I was a kid, rice fields have been familiar to me, and I've seen them as a matter of course, but I've never seen this style before.

So, it was such a wonderful spot that I took pictures on both the way (to Yamainudake mountain trail) and the way back (to the parking lot), so let's introduce it.

Well, rice terraces again.

I don't know how many times I muttered "It's really good!" While looking at it. That was the best view.

And there was also such a thing.

Rice terrace photographer declaration

It's like a bulletin board that proclaims shooting manners or rules.

It's natural to follow the manners and rules written here. Be sure to protect it.

Then the water wheel was spinning around.

It's cool and perfect for this season. There was a sign called Kurumaya-san in the mountains, but it's still unclear what kind of store it is because it's not open during the Obon holidays.

By the way, when I was shooting like that, "Terrace Eyan, really Tanada Eyan", I suddenly felt the line of sight from behind.

When I transferred it, there was a local person and I had an eye. When you say "Good morning!", You will be asked "Good morning. Where did you come from?", And it will develop into an unexpected development.

But that's another story.

This is the introduction of the rice terraces in Kashihara!
(If you come very early in the morning, you can enjoy it in a social distance with nobody!) 


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