[Kamikatsu Town] the green rice terraces in Kashihara [rice fields in the mountains]


Kashihara Rice Terraces

"Yamainudake" which was made into a series until a while ago . You have to walk 2 km from the parking lot to the trailhead of Yamainudake. The story is probably written at the beginning of the Yamainudake article.

In fact, there
are spots along the two-kilometer road that offer great views.

That is "Kashihara Rice Terraces" .

Rice terraces are like the following rice fields in terraced fields.

Right? It ’s amazing.
I was able to take a picture that could be used in a pamphlet lol Honestly, if you come here on a sunny day and release the shutter, anyone can take a nice picture. Because the location is excellent (* ´∀ ` *)

Insanely sunny.
Insanely rice is growing and it is
insanely beautiful.

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