[Iya's specialty] A story about "dekomawashi" & "grilled sweetfish with salt" [with cats]


I would like to see the fish on skewers and the sardines roasted in a hearth-like place . I wanted to eat it, so this time I drove to the western part of Tokushima prefecture for the first time in a while. The destination is "Ikoi Shokudo", which is also introduced in the tourist information magazine "Rurubu" .

By the way, Dekomawashi is a specialty of Miyoshi City in Tokushima Prefecture, which is made by sticking "potatoes", "tofu", "konnyaku", etc. on a skewer, applying sweet miso and baking it.

"Ikoi Shokudo" is a shop on the left side just across the Kazura Bridge in Iya , and I probably visited last year and ate the one with wild plants near Iya. (Memory is ambiguous)

According to the weather forecast the day before, it was raining or cloudy due to the influence of Typhoon No. 6, but the power of the teru teru bozu hung by this absolute sunny man with all his soul is enormous. It was a sunny day.

It takes about 2 hours to drive in a happy mood. (Because I was singing enthusiastically from beginning to end, it was sensuously quick)

Just like last year, we parked our car in an unmanned toll parking lot and walked quickly to our destination.

I visited Kazura Bridge in Iya for the first time in more than a year, but I will not cross it this time. After looking at it from a distance, I immediately walked to the "Ikoi Shokudo".

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