[Iya's specialty] A story about "dekomawashi" & "grilled sweetfish with salt" [with cats]


I would like to see the fish on skewers and the sardines roasted in a hearth-like place . I wanted to eat it, so this time I drove to the western part of Tokushima prefecture for the first time in a while. The destination is "Ikoi Shokudo", which is also introduced in the tourist information magazine "Rurubu" .

By the way, Dekomawashi is a specialty of Miyoshi City in Tokushima Prefecture, which is made by sticking "potatoes", "tofu", "konnyaku", etc. on a skewer, applying sweet miso and baking it.

"Ikoi Shokudo" is a shop on the left side just across the Kazura Bridge in Iya , and I probably visited last year and ate the one with wild plants near Iya. (Memory is ambiguous)

According to the weather forecast the day before, it was raining or cloudy due to the influence of Typhoon No. 6, but the power of the teru teru bozu hung by this absolute sunny man with all his soul is enormous. It was a sunny day.

It takes about 2 hours to drive in a happy mood. (Because I was singing enthusiastically from beginning to end, it was sensuously quick)

Just like last year, we parked our car in an unmanned toll parking lot and walked quickly to our destination.

I visited Kazura Bridge in Iya for the first time in more than a year, but I will not cross it this time. After looking at it from a distance, I immediately walked to the "Ikoi Shokudo".

When I went to the storefront, the sweetfish was baked in the shape I had imagined and wanted.

However, since it was important, none of the Mawashi was burned.

According to the proprietress, "If you go home, don't burn it." I couldn't help it, so I decided to buy a sweetfish and eat it while waiting for the completion of the decoy.

When I received the sweetfish, the proprietress said, "You should eat while watching the waterfall. It's beautiful."

While thinking (by the way, I should have seen the waterfall last year), I thanked him and walked to the waterfall near by with the sweetfish in my hand.

Probably because it has rained moderately for the past few days, the waterfall was powerful with plenty of water.

I don't remember, but it seemed better than when I saw it last year. There are no chairs or benches, so I stood up and grabbed ayu while gazing at the waterfall.


Originally I liked sweetfish quite a bit, but this was pretty good.

The amount of salt is also exquisite, and the body is firm and fluffy, probably because it is baked so that it is slowly roasted. The bitterness of cotton is also addictive with plenty of umami. This is good. It would have been irresistible if it was sake that I could drink again recently.

Enjoying the bitterness and umami gradation of fresh sweetfish grilled with salt, I rhythmically went down the stairs that I could see.

Then, you can go to the riverbank. From there, I was able to look up at Kazura Bridge. Perhaps the last time I came, I should have noticed the stairs and got off, but I didn't remember at all, so I was surprised at the outstanding freshness, so it was good.

It's about time, how about turning around?

I felt a little quick, but for the time being, I headed to the Ikoi Shokudo storefront again.

Then, maybe the proprietress had taken care of me waiting for the mess, and she had already started baking.

I said "Please give me one" and handed me 300 yen.

 potato. tofu. "Dekomawashi" is made by sticking konjak on a skewer, applying sweet miso and baking it. I ate something similar a while ago, but that was Ryuo Dengaku. It's a little different. I don't know the details, but it's different anyway. The cooking method is also different.

 Let's eat without saying four or five! Eat hot food while it's warm.

 As you can imagine, the potatoes are hooked. Excellent compatibility with sweet miso. Miso took the hand of a potato that didn't make much of a claim in terms of taste, and I came up with a picture that helped me, saying, "Teacher, Potato-kun has something to say." I got the impression that the potatoes with the cooperation of Miso were proud to insist that "I am very delicious."

I swallowed it thinking, "Potato, I know your strength."

I chewed the tofu while sending ale to the delicious potatoes, whether it was salt, butter, or soy sauce. Immediately the soybean flavor passed through my nose. Yes, both tofu and miso are fermented foods that have the common denominator of soybeans. It should be reasonable and compatible ... I laugh at the strong taste of soybeans and soybeans.

When the tofu zone disappeared and I began to feel lonely, the texture of konjac and the pleasure of Dengaku suddenly came. The elasticity is comfortable enough to push back the teeth with a sweet bite.

While enjoying the difference in taste, texture, and entanglement with miso of the three types of skewers, my "dekomawashi" time came to an end. What I felt there was the truth that it is natural that eating charcoal-grilled food outside is delicious on an iron plate.

By the way, "Dekomawashi" with plenty of this sweet miso. One thing to keep in mind when eating is that the ingredients are quite large, so miso sticks around your mouth. Without noticing it, there is no doubt that you will walk to the parking lot and be stared at by other tourists.

It's delicious, but be careful only there ♪

Then, on the way to the parking lot, I got a little cat.

"Look at Nyani! Nyani!"

I ate a lot of mysterious boiled chicken. Also, I was a little worried that my back child didn't make any slight movements.

However, I didn't think I could make a cat here, so it was a nice miscalculation.


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