[Strange victory] I went to Ebisu-dong, a huge natural hole! Part 1 [Minami Town]


The end of October. At 5:30 am, I boarded my car "Iron Coffin No. 3" and ran out of the house while being watched by the starry sky.

The destination is " Ebisu-dong " in Minami Town, Tokushima Prefecture .

By the way, Ebisu-dong is

The inside of a rocky mountain at an altitude of 52 meters is eroded by waves, and a large hole with a diameter of 30 meters and a depth of 40 meters is opened, and rare house martins inhabit it.

In addition, there is a promenade that goes around the rocky mountains, and you can enjoy the view of the Ohama coast and the Pacific Ocean from the observatory on the mountain.

Quoted from the official website of Minami Town

It seems to be an adventurous spot that is intriguing.

That's why this time I went to Ebisu-dong .

Since it was a weekday, it was successful to leave early so as not to get caught in the traffic jam, and arrived much earlier than planned. There is a small parking space nearby, but I was surprised that about 3 cars were parked even though it was still 7:30 am.

And "Well relationship nursie", love machine pen thickness lower the (PENTAX) from the neck, in the pocket GoPro and smartphone thrusting the, got off the car.

This is the start of the prefecture south adventure for the first time in a year.

Aim for the promenade without reading the explanations that have a long history.

It's a little question, but in the end it's not clear whether it's "Ebisu-dong" or "Ebisu-dong" lol The notation is different on the Minami-cho homepage.

Well, I personally think that hiragana is better.

Familiar stick

You know people like me who are adventuring around Tokushima prefecture. When there is such a reliable stick right next to a sign or a signboard, it is often said that "I will use my legs quite a bit". Therefore, just finding this will make you ready.

"But it's not a big deal to have only one, because I was a man who played at Mt. Tsurugi last week and climbed up and down the chain and trained," he said with a stick in his hand. To proceed to the promenade without taking it.

You will have to go down the stairs to the topographically main "Ebisu-dong".

I think there were quite a few steps, but the expectation that "I 'm sure you can see the beautiful scenery" made my steps lighter.

At times like this, I don't try to suppress my expectations. Because nature has never betrayed my expectations. No matter how much I raise my expectations, nature will show me much more than that.

And this time too, nature easily surpassed that hurdle.

Proceeding along the rocky promenade, there is a point where you can see "Ebisu-dong" in the middle of the promenade.


To be honest, I don't know how good the photos and my vocabulary can convey. But it's amazing. I was shocked, "Is this after being hollowed out by the waves!"

Also, the light of the rising sun in the morning came in and it was pretty beautiful.

A mysterious feeling like looking at a living picture. I thought "the combination of the morning sun and the mountains is the best", but I thought "the combination of the morning sun and the sea is also the best".

By the way, the condition of the rock surface is as ↑. It's amazing that such a rugged rock has been carved by the waves over the years and has holes.

If I hit my fist for 1000 years without rest, it wouldn't open a hole at all.

While thinking about such a stupid thing, I sat down at the gym and looked at it for a while, saying, "The sea is amazing." The good news is that no one came later, and I was able to occupy myself for a while.

Was it crazy for about 10 minutes?

Suddenly, I remembered that there was a promenade, so I decided to explore the area again. And then, I finally understand the meaning of that stick.

to be continued


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