[Yoshinogawa City] Journey to explore the area around the ruins of Kamisakura Castle Summer grass and soldiers dream of GoPro [Historic sites]


In order to be careful of the coronavirus, I thought that what I should do was "thoroughly avoid the Three Cs", so I decided to jump out of my house and jump into the mountains on holidays.

I thought that if I had an adventure like pushing through the grass, the probability of meeting people would be almost zero.

I'm a stupid idiot.

The destination I went to this time was the ruins of Kamisakura Castle .

As you climb the slope that extends toward Tokushima Prefectural Kawashima High School and continue climbing beyond the high school, you will see a magnificent building of a religious group. If you continue to climb beyond that, you will be able to enter a slightly narrow road leading to the "Yoshinogawa City Recycling Center".

If you keep going there, you will see an easy-to-understand entrance mark.

A type of bulletin board that is often seen around historic sites. This is a landmark.

By the way, there is no parking lot around here, so if you come by car, you have to park on the road, so be careful. (Let's follow traffic etiquette)

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