[Yoshinogawa City] Journey to explore the area around the ruins of Kamisakura Castle Summer grass and soldiers dream of GoPro [Historic sites]


In order to be careful of the coronavirus, I thought that what I should do was "thoroughly avoid the Three Cs", so I decided to jump out of my house and jump into the mountains on holidays.

I thought that if I had an adventure like pushing through the grass, the probability of meeting people would be almost zero.

I'm a stupid idiot.

The destination I went to this time was the ruins of Kamisakura Castle .

As you climb the slope that extends toward Tokushima Prefectural Kawashima High School and continue climbing beyond the high school, you will see a magnificent building of a religious group. If you continue to climb beyond that, you will be able to enter a slightly narrow road leading to the "Yoshinogawa City Recycling Center".

If you keep going there, you will see an easy-to-understand entrance mark.

A type of bulletin board that is often seen around historic sites. This is a landmark.

By the way, there is no parking lot around here, so if you come by car, you have to park on the road, so be careful. (Let's follow traffic etiquette)

Tokushima Prefecture designated historic site Kamisakura Castle ruins Designated on December 8, 1989

At the end of the Warring States period, Uezakura Castle was built by Shiun Nagabusa Shinohara in this natural fortress, making use of his practical experience. The main enclosure on the summit runs around Ninomaru and Sannomaru, and the Nishimaru has empty moats in the north and south.

In the 3rd year of Genki, Nagabusa was attacked by 7,000 soldiers led by his lord, Choji Miyoshi, and after the fierce battle on July 16, all the castle soldiers died in a tragic death. In the so-called Kamizakura battle, there is a memorial to the dead of both armies at the foot of the castle ruins.

From the nearby bulletin board

I don't think there was such a history. I didn't study at all. .. ..

For a while, keep silent.

...... Well, is it an adventure?

By the way, ↑ is the starting point.

Isn't there grass bobo? .. .. Tokushima When I was just starting out on an adventure, I might have broken my heart, saying, "Wow, it looks like a spider ..."

But it's not enough to stop me from overcoming many adventures.

I looked around, picked up a nice stick, and equipped it with "It's affordable". With that in one hand, I decided to push forward while shooting with GoPro.

As I pushed through the grass, I quickly switched to an easy-to-walk road. Yeah, thank you. It's very helpful to me as a shabby athletic shoe. (The right sole is peeled off and it is almost barefoot)

I'm not sure, but I walk while getting sweaty with the artificial collection on my side.

A good length of sticks. Proceed while using it to clear the spider's web. Then, I found a fallen tree ahead.

As I straddled the fallen trees and walked while exploring the area, the trials struck me again.

Hmm. .. .. You can see the bobo grass that blocks your way.

No way, I came here and didn't think there was a zone to push through the grass again. But it's ridiculous to turn back. If this happens, I will forcefully break through the spider's web with a stick and face.

I'm worried that bees are flying around and chasing after me, but I'll proceed without worrying about it.

Even so, they are beautiful lush leaves. Beautiful.

However, despite the fact that he has a long stick, what is the spider's web on his face? .. .. Perhaps the spider guy is firing a thread at my face right after I entwined the nest with a stick. .. ..

When I cut through while thinking about such a silly thing, I finally ...

Start while squeezing the grass and finish while squeezing the grass.

Then, the shrine and the stone marker welcomed me.

Really. I wonder if this is where the main enclosure of Uezakura Castle was.

So, let's remain silent again.

There will be various patterns of "war" depending on the times, but all of them are sad. Whether I win or lose, I feel sad. Especially in the middle of August, when the anniversary of the end of the war approaches, such feelings become even stronger.

I decided to visit without any thought, but I'm glad I came here.

There is a faint rainbow, but I wonder if I can see it lol

There is a light rainbow around the clouds between the thin tree on the shrine side and the pine tree on the far right. .. ..

Is it a little too thin?

It is recommended to come here on a sunny and sunny day. You can see Yoshinogawa City and Awa City, and it's a pretty good spot.

However, it's not a place where a lot of people come. I personally think it's better to come quietly with a small number of people.

This is the exploration of Uezakura Castle and its surroundings.

Let's post a video for the time being.


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