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The man loved by the mountain and] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainuake Challenge 3 [The God of the Mountain Meets the God of the Mountain

Me walking along the mossy path. Caught in cobwebs many times along the way, swinging my stick around, occasionally filming with my GoPro and drinking Aquarius. I was sweating at 6:00 in the morning. The temperature must have been below 30 degrees Celsius, but I couldn't stop sweating. As I was wiping the sweat off my neck with a towel, I found another backward sign. Again, I ran up to it and turned around to see ……. It's a mountain god. Actually, this was another point that I had researched beforehand and was curious about. I just saw "Yama no ...

Start climbing] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainudake Challenge 2 [......] even though the moss is visible.

Previously. Last time, I left my house after 3:00 a.m. and arrived at my first destination, "Sanninutake Parking Lot," at 5:00 a.m. As I started walking, an unexpected happening occurred just as I was about to reach the trailhead. Still, I kept walking and finally arrived at the trailhead. However, there was an unsettling feeling of "You can't get in, can you? I was terrified. What's going to happen to me? shut it when you open it. Thank God~!!! I think I remember something similar at some waterfall. But the fact that this exists means that encounters with wild animals ...

[Naruto]A must-see for cat lovers, a story about being surrounded by cat goods at Shirokedo Nostalgic and going all out to be a cat.

There is a general store about cats called "European and Japanese goods store Shironekodo Nostalgic" (hereinafter called "Shironekodo"). If you are a cat lover, you may already know about it. I was in a run-run good mood and headed for the "Shironekodo nostalgic. Let me say this at the outset. The owner of "Shirokedo" is very friendly. He talks about all kinds of things. So, feel free to stop by.

I, who was born and raised in Tokushima, enjoyed sightseeing in Tokushima by myself, Hiwasa Sea Turtle Edition

I thought it was going to rain on both Saturday and Sunday, but I actually found out that "it's sunny on Sunday," so I went out. Last week I went all over the western part of the prefecture, so this week I went all over the southern part of the prefecture. The destination for now is the "Hiyorisa Sea Turtle Museum Caretta". It is located less than two hours from my home. Aim for Hiwasa Sea Turtle Museum Caretta Woke up at 5:40 a.m. and departed at 6:00 a.m. exactly. This time, unlike last week, I was going to be ...

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