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The man loved by the mountain and] Diceke Tokushima's Yamainuake Challenge 3 [The God of the Mountain Meets the God of the Mountain


Me walking along the mossy path. Caught in cobwebs many times along the way, swinging my stick around, occasionally filming with my GoPro and drinking Aquarius.

I was sweating at 6:00 in the morning. The temperature must have been below 30 degrees Celsius, but I couldn't stop sweating. As I was wiping the sweat off my neck with a towel, I found another backward sign. Again, I ran up to it and turned around to see …….

It's a mountain god. Actually, this was another point that I had researched beforehand and was curious about. I just saw "Yama no Kami-sama" written on the map, but I did not know what on earth it was. Is there a shrine or a stone Buddha? Well, meet the self-proclaimed mountain-lover and the Mountain God!

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