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Renovation of an abandoned school] The night we spend at Tane-no-ya with ginger ale and zombie hamster Nezuko-chan - and a poem at dawn - [Yoshinogawa City


After enjoying a solitary liver test contest and a canned food party for the evening, I stood up with a bit of enthusiasm and said, "Okay! I stood up with a bit of enthusiasm.

I stumbled out into the hallway feeling tipsy, grabbed some coins, and staggered down to the reception desk.

I called out to the innkeeper, "Excuse me," and he came out and said, "Yes.

Ginger ale, please," I said, handing him a hokey 200 yen. Bottled drinks (cola, ginger ale, orange juice) cost 200 yen.

If you don't have your own bottle opener, don't worry. They will quickly uncork the bottle and hand it to you.
By the way, at this point, they ask if you want to use a straw, but since I wanted to drink it straight from the bottle, I decided to skip it.

I thanked him and staggered around with the ginger ale in my hand. I headed for the counter by the window in the hallway.

I had completely forgotten to drink alcohol here. So I toasted with ginger ale instead.

Struggling with the tall chair, I managed to climb up and sit down. And then I drink.

The well-cooled ginger ale poured down my throat. It soaked into his body, which had been burned by the alcohol. The carbonation was pleasant. It was a different feeling from that of a highball.

Bottled drinks are so good.

But then again, I like stuffed things. Canned. Bottled. Is lunch box also stuffed in the broadest sense of the word? I reaffirm that I like stuffed things other than fingers. There is something special about them.

It started when I was a child. Once I had vegetables and other foods that I didn't like packed in my lunch box, I was able to eat them immediately, saying, "Yum, yum," because of the special feeling they gave me.

I found myself gulping down ginger ale. At any rate, I got up with difficulty and headed for the bookshelf nearby.

The wonderful thing about Tane-no-ya Guest House is that there are books lined up everywhere. You can reach a book whenever you want, wherever you want.

I picked up the one that caught my attention and returned to my seat.

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