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Nishi-Iya] Guden Guden at Onomiya Izakaya, a beloved local izakaya [Crushed


A senior colleague at work invited me to a beloved local tavern.

Before these times, we used to have year-end parties (called "drinking parties") so that we would "forget the year several times a year," and we used to have reunion parties (called "drinking parties") several times a year, and we used to celebrate something or other throughout the year, and we used to drink a lot on the pretext of celebrating.

It had been more than three full years since I had been to an izakaya, and I could not contain my elation on the way to the restaurant.

Moreover, the izakaya is owned by an acquaintance of my senior (hereinafter referred to as "Mr. M"), and he and other regulars at the restaurant will also introduce me to him. I was happy and grateful for this.

And here we are!


It's a cute, pop-up, bus-shaped store. But it is more spacious and deep inside than you might think. Mr. M welcomed us with a friendly smile, and we had a series of new encounters with his family and friends (regulars).

I gulped down a glass of nama-ju while listening to Mr. M and some other regulars who arrived later talking about golf.

I thought deeply that having a familiar restaurant is a good thing.

Around the time I'd downed my first few cups of raw

I had a gut feeling, "Oh, this is going to crush me early today."

I am shy. I do my best to cover it up with a "I'm not shy" expression or behavior, but I can't change the fundamental nature of my shyness. I have a history of getting nervous, drinking at a strange pace, and getting crushed. LOL!

Sure enough, I only remember bits and pieces from the stage about two hours after I started drinking.

I remember hearing my seniors singing "North Bar" and thinking, "That's so good!" I remember thinking, "This is so good!

I remember greeting a young man who spoke katakotic Japanese.

I remember flying a gun at a deer walking down the road.

I remember watching my seniors make the bed for me.

My memory seemed to be going back and forth in my mind, and my brain was in an arcane panic, like the movie Memento.

But what I would like to praise myself for is when I said to Mr. M, "Excuse me. I'm doing a website about Tokushima Prefecture, is it OK if I introduce this place? I asked Mr. M for his permission and took his picture.

He says he will never forget the spirit of Weekly Tokushima even when he is drunk.

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