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[Cat cat] I remembered that the mystery "Cat gathering technique" exploded on a certain beach [Inadvertently]


Speaking of my special abilities, "Overwhelming Haruo" and "People who are loved by the mountains" . And, "Cat gathering technique ◎" .

It was discovered that I had forgotten to write about the adventure that the " Cat gathering technique ◎" exploded, so I will write about it this time.

By the way ...

What is the art of cat gathering?

Whether it's a cat from a friend's house or a stray cat that I've met for the first time, it's a mysterious technique in which all kinds of cats, for some reason, have a liking for me from the beginning . Also, the ability that is always activated regardless of my consciousness. Also known as "walking tulle bastard" or " cats fully automatic dere" .

Ure, a part of my secret "Cat gathering technique" from Chapter 1

By the way, I 'm also a "desperate cat allergy" . .. ..

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