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[Cat cat] I remembered that the mystery "Cat gathering technique" exploded on a certain beach [Inadvertently]


It was the end of last year that I didn't even hear the letter "U" in Corona.

It was when I casually stopped by to explore a certain coast in Tokushima prefecture.

To tell the truth, when I parked my car in the parking lot and got off, my "cat cat sensor (nose)" was sensitive to the sign.

Oh, there is ...


When I looked around the area lightly, I suddenly saw a child who was hiding behind the planting and observing here. I remember laughing at how cute it was.

"I really like you!"

At times like this, I slowly crouch down, staring back at them. Sometimes while acbi. Sometimes while talking.

Then, it usually comes near. Perhaps you think of me as tulle, actinidia polygama, or grilled fish. Slowly, with your eyes in your heart.

If this happens, the "cat gathering technique" has already exploded, so it's my turn forever. (Unless you suddenly take strange and eccentric behavior, you can't easily solve the technique of cat gathering.)

Stand up slowly.

While sniffing my scent

"I left my back"

Ston. A cat sitting close to me.

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