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Tokushima Gambaroos vs Kagoshima Rebunise (11.12, Nihon Funen Shimin Plaza)


Tokushima Gambaroos VS Kagoshima Rebunays

This time, I decided to be first in line to watch the race at the Nihon Funen Civic Plaza in Yoshinogawa City, my hometown.

It had been a whole month since I had watched the opening game of the season last month (October 07, 2023). So it had been a whole month. I wonder if the people I was able to meet that day are coming back.

My brother Ma, who was unable to come to the last season opener due to work, was also able to watch the Gambaroos live for the first time this time. He decided to cheer alongside the Tokushima Brothers.

His mother was going shopping, so she gave me a ride along with her. I could take the train back from Kamojima station on the way home. In other words, I could "drink." I got out of the car with a smile on my face, thanked my mother, and saw her off.

Nihon Funen Civic Plaza

The time is past 10 am. The doors are already open, so we enter, holding up our tickets.

As soon as I enter, I head for the concession stand. There were some goods I really wanted to buy.

What I wanted this time was a logo cap.

I wear hats on a daily basis, so I was determined to buy one when it was released. I didn't expect it to be released so soon. I hope there will be a knit hat next! LOL!

I bought it without a hitch!

And the tote bag.

Purchased safely!

And more can badges. Gacha gacha colon.

It's Hayai from Tokushima Prefecture!
I wish him a speedy recovery!

I head to my seat.

Then, I arrive at my seat.

Row 1, column 1.

You can hear the announcements right next to you, and on the other side is the bench of our Tokushima Gambaroos. Super close.

Maybe I care too much, but it stands out lol.

I have to concentrate on whether or not a ball will fly in or a player will jump in during the game.

At any rate, I wait while preparing my camera, etc., and feeling high.

But you know what? It's great that the team I'm rooting for is playing in my hometown. I can go and cheer for them without worrying about the time when I have to leave. It was nothing but "thankful.

Ma took the liberty of buying me a beer. Hahahaha, I'll have some!

The night before, we enjoyed the best fireworks in Japan, and on this day, we drink beer while cheering for our favorite team from early Sunday morning. It's the ultimate holiday lol.

The players are already right in front of me. So close that you can feel the heat emitted from their bodies.

It's pretty good.

Wakasa, whom I particularly rooted for, looked to be in good form as he practiced shooting.

Kagoshima Rebunais practice time started at the same time as Gambaroos. I was curious about the players who came to the court first and silently practiced shooting.

Kagoshima Rebunays No. 5 Gale

We were practicing three-pointers, which I could already tell from watching from the edge of the room that they were working on it with a lot of concentration. Well, he doesn't miss. He was throwing in a number of don't miss shots that didn't touch the ring or the net. As I was in the midst of implementing a free-throw concentration and reinforcement program, I couldn't help but notice him.

I got the impression that he is a craftsman.

People who don't neglect the basics are cool. There's something strangely appealing about that.

The next thing that caught my attention,

Kagoshima Rebunays No. 44 Tanno

They were playing catch like a dodge ball. He had a light gait that seemed to move quickly. Is he a "small but powerful player with a strong presence" like Taira of Yokohama Excellence, or is he a "small but fast and skillful player with a strong presence"? Either way, he is scary.

He has the air of a strong man.

Then there was a speech by President YOKOTA, free throws, and an autograph ball toss,

Start of the match!

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