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[Awa City]A story about a bus-type ramen shop, Chukasoba Asahiken, stopping by Taikoo No. 6.


The ramen shop has an outstanding presence that I am curious about. I know of no other ramen shop like it.

This ramen shop is a

Chuka-Soba Asahiken Taikoo 6

What a surprise, they converted a real bus and are using it as a store!

At any rate, I entered the restaurant and ordered an orthodox-looking "Chuka Soba" (Chinese noodles). The restaurant was run by a calm and kind lady alone.

(Huh? According to my acquaintance, my father was supposed to be the one doing it.)

How I enjoyed looking around the restaurant, or rather the car.

My seat number.

I'm prone to motion sickness, so I prefer to be near a window.

The Last of the Bus

It's an oddly picturesque sticker. The fading of the color is tasteful.

Surprisingly spacious interior

Two air conditioners are running. Sorry I'm the only guest.

By the way, the TV is "Seyanen". Since we act every Saturday, this program is on just at lunch time.

I wait for my ramen to be ready to watch the young athletes being introduced to the competitive walkers.

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