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Out of the blue, do you know the difference between yamakake-soba and tororosoba? 

The correct answer is kneaded into the article. lol

Now let's start the main part.

The day after the previous article (about the blunder at Onomiya-san).

The word "lodger's sickness" is written "futsukaiyo". I had a light headache and mild nausea due to lodging sickness. I spent the day after the blunder, feeling more dull than anything else. I spent a somewhat languid morning, and by the time noon came around, I had recovered a little.

I felt a small hunger sensation and gloated, "Oh, a sign of recovery.

Because being hungry at lunchtime is a more reliable measure of health than a fever measuring 36 degrees 4 minutes or a doctor's drumstick saying, "You're healthy.

However, I don't have enough time to cook and eat something by myself.

So I headed for Soba Dojo, a buckwheat noodle restaurant I had just visited the other day.

From the moment I started walking toward the soba dojo, I had already decided what I was going to eat. I opened the door, walked to the kitchen, and said to the older lady the order I had decided on.

I'm sorry. I'll have a bowl of yama-kake-soba please. And some rice.

Do you know the difference between yama-kake-soba and tororo-soba?

Both are basically the same: buckwheat noodles with grated yam (tororo) on top, but to strictly distinguish between the two, hot buckwheat noodles with tororo on top are called yamakake, while cold buckwheat noodles with tororo on top are called tororosoba.

It seems that the terminology differs from region to region, so it would be better to add a note saying "there are various theories". There is a risk of being suddenly struck by lightning by an old buckwheat noodle connoisseur like Yuuzan Kaihara, lol.

After I showed off my newly-learned poop, my order of yama-kake-soba and rice was ready to go.

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