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I usually have bento for lunch (rice I cooked myself, packed in Tupperware, and sprinkled with furikake), and the rice I pack in my bento is basically cooked hard with little water. I somehow feel that if the water content is too high, the rice gets damaged faster.

However, I am personally familiar with soft rice cooked with more water. My mother's rice was the wet type.

And Soba Dojo's rice is the wet type, and I personally was "relieved that the rice was cooked to a very safe level.

Biting into the pickled bamboo shoots with a sour plum taste and the mildly salted takikwan, I slowly munched on the rice. Rice is good, isn't it? Especially rice cooked by others. When you cook for yourself, you can't help but feel a little more grateful.

In no time at all, the moment of the feast came: …….

Good food disappears in an instant. Where on earth have they disappeared to?

Anyway! Having recovered completely and perfectly thanks to the yama-kake-soba, rice and pickles, I paid my bill in high spirits, gave the restaurant a most respectful bow, and left.

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