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YAMAKAKE-Soba and rice

It was the first time for me to eat it, but I put my hands together with an inward grin and said, "This this and that~. Bon appétit.

After all, the day after drinking too much, damage to the internal organs has accumulated. Therefore, we need to treat our bodies with this kind of "gentle menu.

Because of the problem of stretching and shrinking, we started with hayamakake-soba.

Nice. The yam is soft and fluffy. It is very nice to have it with the soup stock. It goes well with soba noodles and is delicious. The finely ground yam. The yam, which is almost like a meringue, slides smoothly down the throat.

I usually prefer cold Soba, but when I am in such a bad shape, warm Soba is good. It soaks in slowly and warms you up from the inside.

And not to forget the chopped nori seaweed casually placed on top. This is good.

This is because nori is rich in protein, which is necessary to break down alcohol. In fact, it contains 41 grams of protein per 100 grams, far more than soybeans or eggs in the same amount.

In addition, it contains taurine and other essential amino acids, making nori indispensable for overcoming dysentery.

Along the way, while sipping the dashi broth, we also replenished our water and salt. What a tasty replenishment! LOL!

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