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I, who was born and raised in Tokushima, enjoy sightseeing in Tokushima alone.


At any rate, enough about "Roadside Station Hiwasa," where we had stopped earlier to have a meal.

If that is the case, we would like to go further south to "Roadside Station Shishikui Onsen". After all, it is the southernmost roadside station in the prefecture. If we can conquer this station, we will be able to conquer the whole prefecture in one fell swoop.

Roadside Station Shishikui Onsen

But it was a lot of distance. (33.8 km)
We drove incessantly, taking almost 40 minutes. And then we arrived.

Not many people were there, but I didn't mind and went in.

…… funny.

The clerk is there, but the facility does not seem to be functioning.

However, the floor (only the product hall) was free to look around.

I saw the uniform of Toshiharu Ueda, the famous manager who built the golden era of the Hankyu Braves, on display, as well as autographs and items from the three Jumbo brothers. I was especially happy to see Manager Ueda's uniform. As a great lover of Showa-era professional baseball, he was a strong rival to my favorite, Mr. Nomu.

But there was no one in the product center.
I wondered and checked, and found that it was open from 11:00. It wasn't 11:00 yet, so it didn't seem to be functioning.

I really want to go to the hot springs, but I don't have much time this time. We had to go one after another, otherwise the travel time would be too much to read. In the end, we headed for the next roadside station without waiting for it to open.

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