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[Dense soufflé & basque] I was overwhelmed by Wheat Wunder's cheesecake [store in Naruto City].


I knew there was a store called Wheat Wunder because I had seen it in followers' reposts and other places.

I knew about it, but I had never tried any of Wheat Wunder's pastries. I was just out shopping at the Awa Food Museum and was able to buy only two kinds of cheesecakes, so I'll give you a little report on them.

First, I bought this time,

These are the two types. Even without opening the lid of the container, they already look delicious, don't they?

Let's open the container, look around, and then try them.

Now, I wonder which one I should try first.

First attack: thick soufflé cheesecake

See. You can tell from the look of it that it's fluffy, right? Not fluffy. It is fluffy.

The fork slowly sinks in. The softness you feel through the fork. The corners of your mouth involuntarily turn up. I'm already happy, even though I haven't even taken a bite yet.

With anticipation, I slowly put it in my mouth. The first thing that pops out of my mouth is a reflexive "Yum!


The cheese flavor is graceful and fluffy, just like the texture. Although "rich," the aftertaste is clean, with a light, refreshing undertone. It is a clean cheesecake.

It has an elegant texture, so even people who don't like cheese can enjoy it.

It gives the impression of a cheesecake that would go well with tea. It is quite delicious.

Thank you for the treat!

Now, how about Basque cheesecake?

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