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WINNER - Tokushima Diceke's first bicycle race of his life - Betting on Tokushima's first place! ~WINTICKET


I was wondering about an app called WINTICKET.

This is an app for predicting bicycle races. Of course, you can vote.

I have never been involved in bicycle racing, horse racing, or boat racing. I am a man who drinks, but never plays or buys.

But this time, I downloaded the app, thinking I could play with the 1,000 points (worth 1,000 yen) I would get for registering as a new user. (Maybe a limited time campaign?)

At any rate, I have no knowledge.

I looked at the race list of some races. Then, I noticed that the name of the prefecture was written under the name of the athlete.


Oh? There was a player from Tokushima Prefecture.

From that moment on, I thought, "I can write an article about this," and I went into Diceke Tokushima mode.

I didn't even have to think about which player I would bet on.

I would just bet on the players from Tokushima Prefecture.

However, in bicycle racing, there is no single winner (the one who only guesses at one place), so you have to choose more than one.

As I have said repeatedly before, I am a complete amateur. I don't know anything. I chose the three-in-a-row, which seemed to be somehow difficult to guess.


In other words, I should guess from the first to the third place, right?

At first, I checked the races in Tokushima prefecture. As of just after 12:00 p.m. today (November 2), I found three races in which Tokushima Prefecture teams were running.

So, here are my predictions.

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