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The story of how I satisfied my stomach and soul by slurping Chinese noodles at the famous hideout restaurant "Kiguya" in Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture.


I go to the hospital for rehabilitation, and one of my favorite things to do is to have lunch at a ramen shop on the way home.

This time, I decided to visit a ramen restaurant that I had never been able to visit despite being a mutual follower on Twitter. The name of the restaurant is ……,


This woodworking store is closed irregularly, which is not my favorite style of store, but I can rest assured that they will let me know on Twitter whether they are "closed today" or "open today".

And if my analysis is correct, if the restaurant is "closed today," it will tweet that it is closed relatively early (around 9 am to past 10 am), and if it is "open today," it will tweet that it is closed relatively late (10:30 am to before 10:50 am).

In other words, if there is no tweet posted at 10:30 p.m., it is highly probable that the store will be "open today. The cute beckoning cats should be "Come and get me" on the benches in front of the store. (There is a bench in front of the storefront of the wood furniture store, and the beckoning cats are there when the store opens.)

I drove to the store, checking the store's Twitter page and looking at my watch, believing that the day was "open today" day.

And then, don't miss it.

Maneki-neko (beckoning cats) on a bench in front of the store. The "Chuka Soba" curtain on the bench in front of the restaurant. And the backs of a couple entering the restaurant from the parking lot, a triple combo that confirmed that the restaurant would be open for business today.

Yes! I pulled into the parking lot in front of the restaurant, confident of victory.

But as I looked at my watch, I noticed something strange. It was only 10:45. It was only 10:45. The store is supposed to open at 11:00, but it is ……. Various thoughts immediately came to mind. The couple who entered the restaurant first might have been the organizers of the event, and they had come early to prepare for the event. And when I entered, the owner and the couple looked sorry and said, "Excuse us, we are closed today. I opened the sliding door.

I opened the sliding door and was greeted by air conditioned air that gently enveloped me.

Hello, and welcome. We open at 11:00 a.m. Please sit down and wait until then.

At first glance, I could tell that this was the owner of the restaurant. I remember being deeply relieved when I was greeted by a man I recognized at first glance as the owner of the restaurant, who greeted me with a friendly smile. I was strangely moved and thought to myself, "This is the man from Twitter. I replied "Yes! I decided to take advantage of his kind words and wait inside the restaurant 15 minutes earlier than the opening time.

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