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[Naruto City] First Time to Otsukai - Kiln Mori Toki - Part 2 [Otani Ware]


Last time at Mori Pottery, Dice Tokushima thoroughly enjoyed Otani ware for the first time, being overwhelmed by the beautiful coffee cup shelves and discovering Tamori-san. After finishing his initial goal of "finding and buying tableware," he decided to explore outside the store. ……

When I left the restaurant, I found a tunnel under the shade of a tree.

As we left the store, the piercing midsummer sun was threatening to hit us. However, there was a route in front of us that was covered with trees and seemed to be shaded by them. It seemed that we could avoid the direct sunlight for a little while if we took this route.

And there was clearly something up ahead. With sweat on my forehead, I decided to walk through this shady tunnel.

Large jars, like Goemon baths, were placed all over the place and were a sight to behold.

I was surprised at how big it was and how many things were there, but as I went on my way, I found that there was a lot of stuff.

I found something to put inside.

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