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Celebrate] Tokushima-based VTuber Ao Souan's 2nd anniversary goods unpacking article [Yay!


I bought some goods of Ao Souan, a VTuber I support from Tokushima, called "2nd Anniversary Goods Yusha Pack (Complete Set)".

It finally arrived at my house about two months ago, so I'd like to write about the opening of the package.

First of all, the tape is cute. The color is nice and reminds me of Ao-san!

As a lover of blue and bluish green, I get excited from this tape.

Then, I open it.

When you open the box, the first thing that catches your eye is the postcard.

Ao's illustration has a message written on it.

A further look at the goods reveals their faces.
Just by looking at them, you can feel the high quality of the goods and how much effort was put into them. This is amazing. It exceeds my originally high expectations.


As someone who collects badges related to Tokushima Prefecture, I am very happy to see this one.

And it is a nice point that all the guardian deities are familiar to Tokushima Prefecture.



In terms of practicality, this mug may be the Dantotsu. Especially as the weather is getting colder, I'll be wanting a hot drink, so I'm sure I'll be using it a lot. But beautiful colors.

I might like to have a hot cup of tea with it during my adventures in winter, and a hot cup of sake with it when I get home.

Acrylic Stand

It's something you stick in a pedestal and put on display. I'll put it by my work desk.

It's not bad to work while being watched over by the gods.


Ao-san is also firmly on the towel. It is a cool towel. It also has a nice feel and looks easy to use, but I don't get a chance to use it often because I want to keep these goods in good order.

Acrylic Panel

This is awesome. The comforting colors and the texture of the acrylic panels are beautifully integrated. The lush, fresh illustrations are very nice. The colors are vibrant, yet easy on the eyes. I also like the contrast with the lighter areas.

There was also a service where Ao-san would write his autograph for those who wished to have it. Naturally I was eager to get mine.

Here it is, signed and addressed.

I have received autographs from athletes and martial artists, but this may be the first time I have received an autograph from someone other than them. More importantly, this is the first time I have received an autograph from a woman.

It's nice. I feel like I'm wasting them, but I'm going to use them in all the places where I need them to lift my spirits. I am very satisfied with the quality, which is even better than I expected.

Thank you, Ao!
And congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

Well, I made a good purchase (´▽).

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