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Gokoku Collaboration] Grapes Manju and Authentic Imojochu: A Tale of Tasting the Wrinkled Satomusume [Naruto Kintoki Imojochi on the rocks


I've posted an article and video about drinking a glass of Kawada Manjyu, but now I'm wondering what kind of marriage with other Tokushima Prefecture's famous sweets would be like. I can't enjoy Kawada Manjyu with whiskey anymore. …… (I am waiting for its revival.)

Now, I'd like to introduce you to something that Tokushima Prefecture residents will immediately recognize as "Oh, the one with the omake thing in it," as it is called!


Earth-friendly "grape bun" paper package. edition.

By the way, one bag contains five dumpling-style grape buns.

There are some interesting extras in this paper package, but for now, let's start by looking at the package.

The husband with a little mustache is holding up a grape bun with his face out of an airplane bearing the name of Hinode's main store. The character is probably a replica of Yoshitaro Nishikawa (the first owner of Hinode).

Incidentally, he also has a brief description of Yoshitaro Nishikawa and Hinode, which is a must-see.

According to the description,

In 1914, Yoshitaro Nishikawa created a bun resembling a grape in reference to the martial arts beliefs of Mount Kenzan, and this was the beginning of "grape buns.

It is wonderful that a bun that started out as a pun has carved out a history of more than 100 years and is still loved today.

Now that we have fully enjoyed the package, we open it.

This is this. This is the package of grape buns. The picture of grape buns drawn in light purple is lovely.

On top of that, 5 letters of "grape buns" are written in a very skillful handwriting, and the gap that makes us feel the weight of the tradition of more than 100 years is also very nice. The package is wrapped up quite tightly, and a clumsy person like me had a bit of a hard time opening it.

And let me not forget to introduce a bonus that only a paper package can offer.

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