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[Naruto City] First Time to Otsukai - Kiln Mori Toki - Part 1 [Otani Ware]


One day in July. I was on my way to Naruto in a car driven by a senior to do an errand job of "buying Otani-yaki tableware. I was listening to my seniors' conversation, thinking, "It's been years since I rode in the back seat of a car.

Starting from the back of Iya, well, Naruto is a long way away lol.

First of all, it takes about an hour to get to Ikeda Town, which is also in Miyoshi City. It takes an hour to get on the highway, and then another hour and a half or two hours to drive.

What is Otani ware?

Otani Pottery has a history of about 230 years in the town of Ohma, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, and is representative of Tokushima. (It is said that the origin of Otani Pottery dates back to 1780, in the late Edo period, when Bunemon, a pottery craftsman from Bungo Province (Oita Prefecture), visited Otani Village to make a pilgrimage to 88 sacred sites in Shikoku Province, and demonstrated his pottery for the first time.

徳島県物産観光交流プラザ あるでよ徳島 阿波の手しごと 大谷焼より抜粋

12:00 p.m. Landing in Naruto City

After finishing their meal first, the three members of the Naruto business trip team hurried to their first destination.

Kamamoto Mori Toki

There are a number of pottery stores in Naruto City, all of which are unique and attractive.

One of them is Mori Touki. It is probably one of the most famous and well-known Otani ware stores.

This time, although it was nominally a job, I had received permission to do some reporting as well, so I immediately negotiated with the store owner for a photo shoot, which he agreed to do.

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