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Indigo Dyeing Experience, Stopping at a Roadside Station, Looking at Prisons, and Warehouses on Stilts.


Unable to get on the boat, I was completely sulking and ran out of Naruto with a pout.

I somehow passed by "Ai no Yakata" and "Asutamu Land" and when I approached Kamiita-cho, I found a sign that caught my attention.

The "Hall of Techniques"!

What is it?

You're making me curious!

Once I got curious, there was no way to stop. We drove through a very narrow street, and once we made a wrong turn, we pulled into a rickety parking lot.

Wow, the building has quite a nice facade.

But there is no sign of anyone.

I'll go in.

But there is no sign of anyone.

But there was a beautiful indigo-dyed handkerchief on display and a sign in the back that said "Aizome Experience," so I went to the reception desk. As it turns out, I was the only one there, but they agreed to give me an indigo-dyeing experience.

You can choose from handkerchiefs, hand towels, scarves, etc. to indigo dye, but I chose "five-toed socks". I chose "five-fingered socks" for women, because they fit my foot size. I'm going to make "the strongest 5-finger socks that will never be eaten by insects" by indigo-dyeing.

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