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Namako-Man] Namako-Man VS Tokushima Diceke - Kappo Anbei - [Goboku Collaboration Extra Edition


I have my biggest rival and comrade, Namakoman-san.

One day this year, I received a message from Namako-Man, and we agreed to meet and have a drink together at the end of the year. Thus, my first meeting with Namako-Man turned out to be a casual drinking session.

Namakoman chose the restaurant Yasubei and made a reservation.

The restaurant's appearance is in keeping with its popular kappo (Japanese-style cooking) name, as if it blends in with the town. The entrance also has a warm expression, as if welcoming anyone who comes in.

Since we arrived a little earlier than our meeting time, we spent some time looking at the menu displayed outside.

What an extensive menu!

I wonder if there is anyone who has eaten all of them and covered them all. If there is, I would like to meet him or her and hear his or her story.

After admiring the appearance and menu, and taking some pictures, I spent some time standing at a little distance from the restaurant, writing an article. After a while, I noticed someone pass in front of me. I looked up and saw his eyes. It was a large man. It was Namakoman. We greeted each other on the street.

I was glad to see him. What if he was crazy? I was relieved to find that he was a kind and gentle man. I was relieved to see a kind and gentle-looking person. I had the impression that he was intelligent from the articles I had read and the conversations I had had with him, so my first impression was exactly as I had imagined. I patted my shoulder in relief.

It was a little early in the day, but I took a chance and entered the restaurant. The restaurant was already crowded with customers. We were shown to the counter where they had reserved for us, and we took our seats in line.

It was quite crowded, so it was hard to order a drink. However, Namakoman-san was a good talker and a good listener. We had a pleasant conversation and waited leisurely for him to come to our table to take our order.

Namako-Man gave us many souvenirs.

As for the contents, I will introduce them again in another column.

I am very happy to have received so many original stickers.
I wanted to give them my business card, but I was out of it and couldn't give it to them.

The illustration logo of Namako-Man. The red line is a sash!

In the meantime, the first chance to order.
First, let's have a drink. Namakoman had a Sudachi highball and I had a medium draft beer. Then, we ordered a few items on the menu that we were interested in, discussing them with each other.

While toasting, we talked about the details of our conversation.
The details are a secret, but as like-minded people, we got along well. I felt strangely relieved to know that we had similar struggles and worries.

As we were getting into the swing of things, the sashimi platter arrived.

Tuna, squid, and hamachi. The moderately fatty sashimi decorated our sake banquet beautifully. Sashimi platters are gorgeous, aren't they? It really gets me excited.

As we were eating the sashimi together, we were saying, "Yummy, yummy!

This guy came along.

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