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B3 League] Tokushima Gambaroos Opening Fluff Report - VS Kagawa Five Arrows - 2 straight games Part 1 [Basketball


This will be the third time for me to watch the Tokushima Gambaroos live.

The last game of the year was against the Kagawa Five Arrows at the Nihon Funen Shimin Plaza in Yoshinogawa City, my hometown. I had no choice but to go, so I bought tickets for the two games on December 23rd and 24th.

The Tokushima Gambaroos, by the way, have lost only six of their 22 games so far.

However, they have lost both of the two games I have watched.

In other words, I have yet to see Tokushima Gambaroos win a single game. I am glad that the two games I watched were the opening game and the game against the Kagoshima Rebunise, who were in the first place at that time (currently in the second place in the district). They were a powerhouse in the league, so I guess it was inevitable.

It's hard to watch two of those games when we only lost six games…lol. LOL.

I'd like to see the Kagawa Five Arrows, a strong opponent, win two games in a row to raise my record to 50%.

So, I'll leave you with another fluffy report on the games I watched.

December 23, Kagawa Five Arrows, Nihon Funen Shimin Plaza

Pre-game shopping time & practice scene

Since I got the cap and tote bag I wanted last time, I decided to just pull the can badge gacha this time. So far, I have obtained two badges, one for Naito and the other for Hayai. It is about time to pull out my favorite player, Wakasa.

Incidentally, the badges in the away color (white) are new from this season. I turned it twice in spite of standing in a long queue. (As a side note, this badge had a player's autograph on it as a prize, and a small booster who was two people ahead of me won the badge and made the place more exciting.)

The badges of the above players were obtained!

The away color badges are for Hayai and Combs.

The home color badges are for Naito and Nakamura.

By the way, when I was taking out Nakamura's badge, Barrow, the mascot, peeked at me from the side, so I took it out and showed it to him.

Would it be nice if I put it on my tote bag? I wonder if it would look good on a tote bag. Would it also stand out if I put them all over my knit hat?

I was excited and headed for my seat in the first row again.

We were as close as ever. Sometimes Mr. Berry comes right in front of me, and there are moments when I can't see anything at all. It's a great seat, so close that you can even feel the body heat of the players nearby. You can even observe their basketball shoes.

Now, let's take a good look at the practice.

Wakasa player found! 

In the previous match, he got injured, but he immediately announced on social media that he would recover in a week. I am very happy to see him back in action, and I look forward to seeing him again today, as he looks great when he is on the court.

Cute coach.

As I glanced around and stole a glance at the Kagawa Five Arrows' side practicing, I noticed a very serious coach.

Was it one of the players or the coach's child? The friendly atmosphere made me feel at home.


There were two cheerleading dances by the girls.

They danced with smiles on their faces, and it was a very exciting and exciting performance. Cheerleading originally means cheering, encouraging, empowering, cheering, and cheering.

Shikoku Broadcasting Co.

This section was sponsored by Shikoku Broadcasting System, and was structured to be more entertaining than usual, with plans for more excitement interspersed with autograph giveaways and the arrival of announcers Morimoto and Ogata and mascot character Omozo.

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