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B3 League] Tokushima Gambaroos Opening Round Fluff Report - VS Kagawa Five Arrows - 2nd Straight Game Part 2 [Basketball


December 24. It was Christmas Eve.

I woke up early, got ready, and left my house with a certain resolve in my heart, not wanting to watch two consecutive defeats. I wanted to see Tokushima Gambaroos win. As if to make a wish, I decided to line up about two hours before the game.

9:00 am. I parked my car safely in the Nihon Funen Civic Plaza parking lot as soon as the parking lot was opened. I think I was able to take advantage of my geographical location in this case. I should have given my car to a visitor who came from far away, but I have my own circumstances.

I didn't think anyone would be there, but there were about 10 people in line. What a spirit!

I got to the line for fan club members too. It was cold. But this is just a wishful thinking, I'll just be exposed to the cold wind for 2 hours.

The doors opened in no time. I found myself in a long line. The plaza in front of the entrance of the Nihon Funen Civic Plaza was crowded with a line of people that looked like a huge, undulating snake. (By the way, fan club members can enter 15 minutes early.)

After going through the baggage check, showing my ticket, high-fiving the check and Burroughs, and purchasing a name towel (for Wakasa), which I had not yet bought, I headed for my usual seat in row 1.

I watch the players close up.

Oh, no? I feel like everyone's free throw accuracy is increasing. …… Komamizu is making 3-pointers. That's good. He must have made a lot of adjustments after yesterday's loss.

Here comes my favorite player, Wakasa.

Wakasa carefully hit the boards and hit free throws. I am a fan of Wakasa because I think it is cool to see the gap between the basics and the basics. I also think his form is so beautiful that I want to imitate him.

Now, some of you may have noticed that I did not take any pictures this time. Yes, I didn't take any pictures this time. (The images I used were all used from the past or free images. I had decided from the very beginning that I would not take any pictures today, and would devote all my energy to cheering for the team. It was my way of showing my sincerity.

Just like yesterday, the cheerleaders encouraged me, and Shikoku Broadcasting announcers Morimoto, Ogata, and Omozo enlivened the venue, and so the game began.

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