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Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis to buy Handa Somen noodles→Michi no Eki Mino→Michi no Eki Mima no Sato course.


I'm going to get some handa somen noodles."

That is the motivation for today's tourism.

I went westward to the west in the course of my work. At any rate, I decided to buy Handa Somen last because of its location, so I went to Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis first.

Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis

There is a set restaurant here that is open at 7am. The last time I was here, I was sick and had a pontoon and was wondering about it.

The exterior looks like this.

It's very lively, and the goodwill is flipping out.

Basically, it is self-service, so you have to pour your own water, chopsticks, and dressing. But don't worry, the owner will explain it to you in a friendly manner.

I was torn between Japanese food (egg) and salmon (salmon), but I was drawn to the egg. After a few minutes of waiting, the smiling owner called me and I went to get it.

This is set meal Japanese style (egg).

A very large egg omelet. Fluffy and sweetly seasoned. Actually, I'm of the "why don't you just use dashimaki for the sweetness? I'm of the "sweet is fine with dashimaki" school of thought, but this was a real treat. It was delicious.

The miso soup was thick, and I was able to regain some of the salt that had washed out of my system.

I was torn between the Caesar dressing and the Yuzu dressing, but the Yuzu I finally chose was outstanding. The potato salad was also very tasty.

500 yen for such a satisfying meal. A one-coin set meal. It was a perfect early morning treat.

With our stomachs full, we explored the area.

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