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Awa City Enjoyment Demons Go - Wasanbon, Tarai Udon, and Tsuchihashira Sightseeing


Wansanbon, an up-and-coming store of traditional sugar and wasanbon


Our destination is Wasanbon Wansanbon.

It is a store that deals in wasanbon (a type of Japanese confectionery), and they offer a drying experience.

It has been featured on TV and other media, attracting visitors from outside the prefecture, and is sure to increase in popularity in the future.

What is Wasanbon?

It is a type of sugar traditionally produced in eastern Shikoku, mainly in Kagawa and Tokushima prefectures. It has a unique flavor similar to that of mellow brown sugar, and is characterized by its pale yellow color, fine particles, and melt-in-your-mouth properties. The name Sanbon comes from the unique refining process devised in Japan, in which the sugar is "ground" three times on a tray, and refers to a high quality sugar. by Wikipedia

When I actually went there, I found several cars with out-of-prefecture license plates parked in the parking lot.

The building looks like a stylishly renovated lodge. (I could not take a picture because I entered without being invited…)

Inside the shop, many ladies were happily processing wasanbon. As I gazed idly at the products lined up, a shopkeeper approached me and said, "I'd like to buy some of your products.

There, I was allowed to sample the wasanbon recommended to me and ask questions about how to use wasanbon.

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