「TOKUSHIMA ramen」 一覧

[Awa City]A story about a bus-type ramen shop, Chukasoba Asahiken, stopping by Taikoo No. 6.

The ramen shop has an outstanding presence that I am curious about. I know of no other ramen shop like it. This ramen shop is a Chuka-Soba Asahiken Taikoo 6 What a surprise, they converted a real bus and are using it as a store! At any rate, I entered the restaurant and ordered an orthodox-looking "Chuka Soba" (Chinese noodles). The restaurant was run by a calm and kind lady alone. (Huh? According to my acquaintance, my father was supposed to be the one doing it.) How I enjoyed looking around the restaurant, or rather the car. My seat number. ...

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