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I, who have a phobia of puppets, enjoyed Awa Ningyo Joruri in person for the first time.


Yes, let's go see Ningyo Joruri!

Ningyo joruri (puppet drama) is a stage performance in which puppets are moved by three black actors, another narrator takes on the role of the character, and a different shamisen player expresses the psychological aspects of the story.

I'm actually a "man who is afraid of dolls". I don't know why, but I have been afraid of them since I was a child. (Maybe because I was a child who read facial expressions, and I was afraid of dolls that couldn't do that.)

However, while listening to Junji Inagawa's "Iki-Ningyo" the night before, I became curious about "Ningyo Joruri" (puppet theater). And by the time I finished listening to it, I had made up my mind to go see it.

I know where to go.

The destination is the "Awa Jurobei Yashiki" (Awa Jurobei Residence).

Awa Jurobei Yashiki

The entrance looks like this.

After obtaining an admission ticket (410 yen for adults and individuals) at the entrance, a woman in the museum showed me around.

First, we were taken to a small but well-constructed theater-like space. There, we watched a video showing the history of ningyo joruri (puppet theater) and interviews with people involved in the art.
(Please note that the quality of the pictures is a little worse than usual because I was a little careful to take them.)

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